In many workplaces, safety glasses are required for jobs that involve exposure to fine particles, impact hazards, fumes, and similar dangers.

But they’re also important for when you are working around the home – out in the garden or using chemicals when cleaning. And if you are involved with high projectile sports like squash, they can protect you from those eye injuries.


Eye Injuries Are Common and Preventable

Around 90% of eye injuries from the home or sporting pursuits could have been prevented with appropriate safety eyewear.

Your risk of some type of eye injury is high, but if you wear safety glasses, you could easily prevent serious damage to your eye and vision.

Safety Glasses Protect Against Lots of Hazards

Safety glasses can protect you against dust, fumes, impacts and more. For example, a machine you are using could fail and send shards of metal flying at your face. An irregularity in the wood you are cutting could cause sawdust to get in your eyes unexpectedly.

You’ll See Better with Safety Glasses

If you are doing any work with fine particles or opaque fumes, you will be able to see more easily and comfortably with safety glasses. You can even get prescription safety glasses if you need corrective lenses.

It’s Smart to Wear Safety Glasses

Your eyesight is precious and fragile. Don’t risk is just because you can’t be bothered to put on safety glasses.

You can still walk with a prosthetic leg, you can still eat an apple with false teeth, but you cant see with an artificial (glass) eye. The risk of not wearing safety glasses is not worth it.