Our extensive range of frames and lenses span many different styles, colours and materials and caters for all ages and personal style.

We will ensure that your glasses are suitable for your vision and suit your unique personality and style. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when wearing your new glasses.

All new glasses also come with a free cleaning kit.  We invite all our patients to visit us for complimentary cleaning and servicing of your glasses.

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Kids Range

Your child will be delighted with this wide range of frames.
The collection suits all ages, from as young as 6 months old through to teenagers.
These frames are not small adult frames, they are specially designed to withstand lots of pulling and stretching.
The frames are made of lightweight materials, with adjustable nose pads and super flexible sides to withstand wear and tear.

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Eco Friendly Range

Want to look good while helping the environment?

Our eco-friendly range is made from a plant based bioplastic made from cotton fibre and wood pulp. The material in the frames is designed to break down quickly and be biodegradable and fully compostable when disposed of.

This improved technology is environmentally friendly, and comes in a range of vibrant colours.

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Timeless Range

If you are looking for traditionally styled frames that will go with anything you wear, this collection will give you some great options.

The Timeless Collection has a wide selection of different frame styles and colours that have remained stylish, despite changing fashions.

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Boutique Range

If you are looking for glasses that are unique and you would like stand out, then our boutique range has a great choice for you.

The frames are hand made from Italian Mazzuchelli acetate, which means each frame has its own unique pattern.

Bright, vibrant colours and quirky shapes will be perfect for those who want their frames to be a talking point!

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Superlight Range

If you are looking for comfort and longevity in your frames the Superlight collection is for you.
Made from high grade titanium and designed to be as light as possible, while being strong and durable.
The frames are naturally hypoallergenic, corrosion resistant and 4 times more resistant to scratching than pure gold. Ion plating is used to impart vibrant colours for those who love colour.

Choosing the right frames

The shape of your face plays a large part in whether a certain style of glasses will look good on you. If you choose eyewear to suit your face, you will see well and look good.

You can choose frames to compliment your eye colour.

Hair colour is another factor to consider when choosing your glasses frames.

You may want to match your glasses to your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour.