Martin Diep

Martin’s qualifications include:
Fellow of the Australasian College of Behavioural Optometry
Master of Optometry
Bachelor of Optometry (Hons)
Bachelor of Science (Vision Science) (Hons)
CASA Credentialed Optometrist

Martin completed his Bachelor of Visual Science and Bachelor of Optometry in Sydney before moving to South Australia. Additional qualifications in Behavioural Optometry means that Martin can provide unique support for those who may be experiencing learning related visual difficulties.

He has also obtained a Specialist Certificate in Anterior and Dry Eye Disorders to help patients that suffer from this common problem.

Originally from Sydney, Martin has been part of the Victor Harbor community since 2018.

He’s become an integral part of local organisations including;

  • The South Coast Choral and Arts Society
  • Business Victor Harbor
  • BNI South Coast

As part owner of See Optometry, he has advanced skills in vision, child development and learning, and the effects of concussion on vision. Martin is a life long learner, continually updating his skills to remain current.

Martin loves working with people with unique visual needs who require a higher level of vision care, such as brain injury, glaucoma and children with developmental delays. He also values the time he gets to spend with clients who have with less complex needs, he’s passionate about providing top quality eyecare.

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