Diabetic Checks

Diabetes can significantly effect eye health and vision and it is critical for those with diabetes to have regular checks. Many Australians lose part or all of their sight as a result of diabetes.

Regular diabetes eye checks will monitor any changes in your eyes.  The check focuses on looking for early signs of diabetes-related changes in your eyes, such as changes to the blood vessels at the back of your eyes.

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High blood glucose levels can cause changes in the shape of the lens, which can temporarily cause blurring of your vision. This commonly occurs before being diagnosed with diabetes or when diabetes isn’t well managed. The blurriness usually disappears when blood glucose levels are reduced through appropriate treatment. High blood glucose levels for long periods of time can increase the risk of more serious eye problems in people with diabetes, including retinopathy, cataracts, macular oedema and glaucoma.

As many people with diabetes do not notice changes in their vision until the condition is very serious, it is essential to have regular eye checks so that problems can be detected early and treated promptly.

You don’t need a referral from your GP, you can book an appointment directly with our optometrist.