chosing frames for face shape

Choosing the Right Frames for Your Face Shape

If you choose eyewear to suit your face, it means you can both see well and look good. But, with many different shapes and styles of frames to choose from, how can you narrow down what frames to look at?

First, you need to identify your face shape.

The main face shapes are oval, diamond, round, triangular, square, heart-shaped and rectangle.

To find the right fit, choose frames that create a natural balance. Select a frame that is as wide, or wider, than the broadest part of your face. Make sure your glasses are in proportion with the rest of your face. Something too large or too narrow, will only create asymmetry and make your facial features appear unbalanced.

We’ve put together this guide to help you choose a style that suits you:

What frames will suit an oval face?

If your face is an oval shape, you’re in luck, because most frames and styles will suit you. Oval faces have symmetry and balance and rarely is there a style of frame that won’t suit you. However, if your oval face is on the long side, you can make it appear shorter by selecting a deeper frame. Angular and geometric styles will also suit you.

What frames will suit a diamond-shaped face?

A diamond-shaped face has a narrow forehead, chin and jawline, and full cheeks. Look for frames that accentuate your cheekbones and sweep upwards, de-emphasising the narrowness of your forehead.

What frames will suit a round face?

For a round face, choose frames, which will make your face appear longer and thinner. Wide or angular frames can achieve this by making the face appear less round. A shallow frame will also work best. Avoid round frames, small frames and frames without a solid rim, as these styles will just make your face appear more round.

What frames will suit a triangular face?

A triangular face is characterised by a narrow forehead and a wider than usual chin and jawline. Look for a frame that de-emphasises this. For example, a pair of frames with high-set sides will offset the narrow forehead. Frames which are narrow at the bottom will offset the widest area of the face – the chin and jawline.

What frames will suit a square face?

Square faces are short and angular. To reduce the focus on this angularity and to visually lengthen the face, choose a round pair of glasses or a style which is narrow and curved. A shallow frame will work best for a square face, as will a frame with high sides. Avoid geometric or angular styles as these will just make your face look more angular.

What frames will suit a heart-shaped face?

The heart-shaped face resembles the shape of an inverted triangle, with a wider forehead and a narrow jaw and chin. The top of the face is larger and more prominent than the bottom of the face. To achieve balance, try a frame that is wider at the bottom than the top. A frame with low-set sides can also assist. Avoid any styles which emphasise the forehead, so, it’s best to stick with one colour as opposed to contrasting colours for the frame and temples.

What frames will suit a rectangular face?

Rectangular face shapes are also very angular, particularly around the jawline. It’s best to seek a frame that will both de-emphasise the angularity of the face, as well as shorten it, as rectangular faces are typically long. A deeper frame will assist in doing this. Choose frames with curves to offset your geometric features.

Choosing the Right Glasses

Choosing glasses to suit the shape of your face can enhance your features. It can bring balance and symmetry to your face. But, finding glasses to suit your face shape is not the only consideration. You will also want to match your glasses to your skin tone, eye colour, hair colour and individual taste. It might seem difficult to find a pair of glasses which will match everything perfectly, but the friendly team at See Optometry are here to help you.