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Are you experiencing eye strain, headaches or back pain after being in front of your computer all day? Have you spent more time on digital devices recently?

Talk to us about using your optical extras for glasses designed specifically for digital screens- whether for work or pleasure!

Or maybe you’re ready for a new look or would like an extra everyday pair. Sometimes one pair of glasses doesn’t always suit every occasion or outfit – so use your optical extras to get a pair that works when your other pair isn’t quite right!

Whatever your need, our optometry team has the expertise to prescribe eyewear that’s just right for your individual circumstances.

Plus we can process your claim while you are in our practice – we can swipe your health fund card and have it all settled straight away – making it much easier for you!

Whether it's a digital use pair, a spare pair, sunnies or contact lenses - make the most of your optical extras before December 31.

Don't forget - your unused optical extras won't roll over into the new year.
Be sure to use your remaining balance before you lose it on Dec 31. Book in now to see your optometrist to explore your options, find your style and enjoy that extras feeling!