Use them or lose them

Have you used your Optical Extras Cover?

It’s only 6 weeks to 31 December!

Are you paying for optical extras? If you are, your rebate probably expires on 31 December. If you don’t use your rebate by that date, it’s likely that you will lose the benefit, as most rebates don’t roll into the next year.

You pay for your extras cover, if you don’t use it, that is money that is lost without gaining any benefit from it.

Get the most from your health cover
Use your optical extras coverage on prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses and contact lenses.  Consider using it for:

  • A second pair of glasses
  • Change your look, with a different fashion style
  • Have a specialty pair for computer work, knitting/sewing, TV, sports, reading
  • Explore Contact Lenses
  • Sunglasses
  • Night-time driving glasses to reduce glare
  • Safety glasses for work or sport

To help you
See Optometry are making eye care cheaper and easier for you and your family.

If you order 2 pairs of glasses before 31 December you can get an extra $100 off!

Take advantage of the offer
Simply purchase your glasses over 2 calendar years.

For instance, if you would normally receive $200 from your health fund rebate, you order 2 pairs of glasses, and we split the purchase over 2 calendar years. One pair is purchased before 31 December and the second pair is purchased in January 2022.

So you would save $500 in total!
$200 from rebate in 2021,
$200 from rebate in 2022,
$100 discount from See Optometry

Not sure of your cover
If you are not sure what you are covered for, or how much your rebate is, you can check with your Health Insurer, or we may be able to find out for you when you come in to see us. Be sure to bring your Health Insurance membership card with you.  We can claim rebates on-the-spot for you for most health funds. The full list is here

CBHS preferred provider
See Optometry is the preferred provider for CBHS members, which means we can give extra discounts/higher rebate for those members.

Book your eye test now
Book your test now and use your extras cover. To make an appointment you can call us on 8552 9055 or make a booking on our website.