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Getting married or playing in the finals?
Discover the freedom of contact lenses!

Are you unsure about trying contacts? Perhaps you’ve been told in the past that you can’t wear them or worry about the potential discomfort of inserting lenses into your eyes?

Contact lens technology is ever changing - your optometrist will help you overcome any concerns you may have and make sure you feel supported every step of the way.

Contact Lenses are not all created equal

Choosing lifestyle-specific lenses is the key to ensuring you have the best vision possible. An essential step in prescribing the right lens, is understanding how you use your eyes in the different aspects of your life. That’s because this understanding directly influences how well your new eyewear will perform for your specific needs.

Our independence – your benefit

One of the benefits of seeing an independently-owned optometrist is that we have the flexibility to source the highest quality contact lens products from around the world. For you that means access to the best products on the market, as well as our expertise in selecting the best fit for your eyes.

Contact lenses come in various types, including daily disposable, monthly disposable, coloured, and multifocal options.

When wearing contact lenses, you can choose your favourite jewellery and headwear without the concern of your glasses frames clashing or limiting your jewellery choice.

Brides Choose Contact Lenses Over Glasses

Many brides decide to opt for contact lenses rather glasses for their wedding - changing over even if they’ve worn glasses their whole life, they feel that glasses spoil the overall look of their wedding outfit.

If you switch to contact lenses for your wedding day, make sure you get prescribed and start using them at least 7 weeks before your wedding day so you can get used to wearing them and make you are comfortable. Have a couple of spare pairs with you on the day as well as lens fluid, all those tears of joy might dislodge a contact at a crucial moment.

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Optimal Performance in Sports

Unlike glasses, which may limit your field of view, contact lenses move with your eyes, providing a full clear view and unobstructed peripheral vision. This advantage is particularly beneficial in fast-paced sports, where awareness of your surroundings is crucial.

No worries about fogging or slippage – sometimes glasses can be frustrating when they get foggy during intense activity or they may slip from sweat build up at a critical moment. Contact lenses eliminate these problems, allowing you to stay focused and in the game.

Contact lenses can reduce the risk of injury compared to glasses, especially in contact sports, as they won't shatter or break.

Which lenses are right for you?

It depends on the type of sport you play.

Daily wear contact lenses may be the best option if you play sports in dirty or muddy conditions (like football). For longer-term or endurance activities – like mountain climbing or hiking – extended wear lenses are a great choice. Less time handling your lenses, more time enjoying the landscape!

Since every sport is different, and every person’s needs are unique, it’s important you speak to your optometrist to find the perfect contact lenses for you.