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Using the latest in technology and treatments to keep your eyes healthy, we’re equipped to help you to have the best vision possible throughout your lifetime.

About Us

Optometrists are primary health providers, often being the first point of professional contact for people experiencing problems with their eyes or having difficulty seeing. Optometrists have a unique role in providing accessible and vital eye care to the community. Apart from general practice, optometry is the only profession to have Medicare rebates without the need for a referral.

Optometrists are experts in the optics of lenses, eye health and visual performance; they assess ocular health and diagnose ocular disease. They may also manage many ocular diseases but do not perform invasive surgical interventions (eg cataract surgery, retinal detachments) but do perform foreign body removal. Where clinically necessary, optometrists prescribe spectacles, contact lenses, sunglasses, protective eyewear and devices for the visually impaired.

Some optometrists specialise in work with the elderly, children or persons who are partially sighted. Some specialise in the treatment of ocular conditions through prescribing therapeutic medications. Other specialist areas include contact lenses, sport vision, visual ergonomics, colour vision and vision therapy.

Top quality optometry services with an affordable price tag

Great Product Range

We stock a wide range of frames and lenses. From our premium brand brand through to our budget choices, we can help you select a frame that suits your own unique needs. Receive a free cleaning kit with every purchase.


Friendly Service

Our friendly optometrists and support staff are committed to helping you see clearly. So, if you’re looking for a welcoming and friendly optometry service,  contact us to make and appointment. 

Children's Vision

We offer children’s eye check ups and a full range of children’s vision services. We also stock a wide selection of children’s frames and lenses, so your child can choose something that matches both their vision needs and personality.

Our Team

Martin Diep


Bachelor of Science (Vision Science) (Hons)
Bachelor of Optometry (Hons)
Master of Optometry

Martin is originally from Sydney where he completed his Bachelor of Visual Science and Bachelor of Optometry. Martin is passionate about providing top quality eyecare to all his patients, particularly paediatric eye care and supporting individuals with chronic conditions such as Glaucoma. Martin has also completed additional study in Behavioural Optometry and providing intensive support for individuals with learning related visual difficulties.

Martin is continuing his study and has almost completed his Masters in Optometry.

Martin has interests in music, food and plays volleyball.

Stef Wilden


Bachelor of Optometry (Hons)

Stef Wilden has a family background in optometry, Stef's mother was an optometrist, with several notable achievements through her career including development of a new type of contact lens.

Stef has continued this legacy, she holds a Bachelor of Optometry with over 30 years experience practicing Optometry in Victor Harbor. 13 of these have been running her own practice.

Stef and the rest of our staff are dedicated to patient care, and are always willing to go above and beyond for our clients.

Stef enjoys rowing in her spare time, having previously competed at an international level.


Optical Assistant


Optical Assistant


Optical Assistant