Michelle’s Final Reflection

Long time no see!

For those who have not been following me on my journey, See Optometry provided me with sponsorship this year to do a virtual internship through Think Pacific, a Fijian not-for-profit organisation designed to improve outcomes for those in rural communities.  Part of the sponsorship is a direct charitable contribution to improving the standard of living for those in these communities.  I was lucky enough to do my internship with Marama Alliance UK which empowers Fijian women to be agents of change through collaboration and capacity building.

I cannot believe I finished my internship back in March; how time flies! I learned so much from my first ever internship and enjoyed the work I got to do. The strategic plan that I created for the Marama Alliance UK (MAUK) was challenging but rewarding. Check out the presentation I created for my project!

MAUK stated that they wanted new people of the same passion and commitment to take them into the future. By analysing the current structure of the committee and comparing it to other committees from similar organisations, I recommended restructuring the committee. The current committee could do this by reflecting on each member’s skills and experience and deciding who would be better suited to what position, such as treasurer or media and publications director. Positions would rotate on an annual basis which would ensure fresh ideas continue to drive the organisation.

Through these sorts of tasks, I discovered new skills in creativity, which I never knew I had before. It has made me consider working in strategic analyst roles where I might be required to develop new ideas or solutions for projects. I am now more confident in the work that I do and using more initiative without always double-checking every aspect of my work. Additionally, I’m slowly developing a better mindset to handle problems that may appear unexpectedly and take the time I need to find the best possible solution.

I am now very eager to give back to global communities, as I did through my internship project. Hopefully, Australia might consider opening a travel bubble with Fiji, so I can do one of Think Pacific’s volunteer projects in person, which the dates have been confirmed for next year. As an international relations student, it would further build on what I learn in my studies and the skills I’ve developed as a global citizen through this internship experience.

Overall, Think Pacific gave me an incredible experience for my first internship. I could never imagine how much I would enjoy the work I did and how much I grew personally and professionally. Danny, my mentor, was an endless source of support and encouragement, and he helped to make the most out of the experience.

Finally, thank you again to Martin and the team at See Optometry for sponsoring part of my internship. I would have never been able to have such a unique first internship if it wasn’t for them.

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